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Currently Franki has just completed her 7th indie release which will be her 2nd completely self produced album.

Franki Baaz is a prolific songwriter. She has written 95% of the lyrics and 100% of all melodies in her last 6 albums. And recently she has added to her gifts to us, by producing her own music completely while still writing many more songs than she can ever record, she continues to give us the cream off the top of her songwriting works.
Franki has worked in the past with a co-writer /instrumentalist who would give her a simple or complex chord progression and Franki would instantly create a melody with words that blends perfectly. She writes on the spot. Those lucky enough to be present when Franki writes, often say she makes songwriting appear effortless.  So many musicians are very interested in working with Franki as a result of her talents.
Franki also has the ability to write acapela
and can bring a song of words and melody to her co-writers to fill in the music behind her. Franki's ability to create songs with or without the use of instruments is a sign of a truly gifted artist.
Franki has co-produces all of her music in the past. And she will be sole producing her own music in the future. Her ability to understand and
give to a song what it is calling for comes naturally to her. She is able to envision the song's potential and give it the perfect arrangement to compliment the feeling of that particular song.
All of Franki's previous albums including, 'The Marriage of Sex and Love' are currently getting airplay down under, in Australia's ISON.

Franki's previous project called Great City, also received airplay in the U.S. college market and European radio. Two albums were recorded and the 1st one from Great City received airplay on the famous Los Angeles commercial radio station KROQ.

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