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Franki Baaz has had consistant critical acclaim for all 6 of her music albums (see reviews page) and has consistently produced music that is loved by many including Al Bowman, the founder of Los Angeles Music Awards, who stated in his email;

"You are a tremendous talent Franki Baaz. You have my vote, that's for sure....". Al Bowman

While in Great City, Franki's first project, Franki managed to get the attention of the head of the A&R for New York Atlantic Records and only 'escaped' getting a music contract by the misjudgment of a subordinate Los Angeles A&R person.

So judge for yourself, listen to all the Franki Baaz music here. And enjoy!

"Franki, After dancing around the office like idiots (to your song) we have approved 'Over-Sexed Hot Mama' for distribution on iSOUND.COM. This means your song is now available on all sections of our website in addition to your artist site. Keep up the good work. Keep the great music coming....".Live Life Loud,,Max Content Manager - iSound,com, www.isound.com

author; FFruk.com

This album from Franki Baaz has been out around four years now but is well worth picking up. Like her other album "The Marriage Of Sex And Love" this has captured the same qualities. I really love Franki's voice over the Acoustic Rock - Both work well together. Have a listen to "To Steal Your Will" for a great example of how a song should be written. Throughout this album there is so much passion and it's criminal why this woman and her band aren't being played day in/day out on radio. America has some mega faults with people like George Bush running the show but they have some great things too - Franki Baaz being one of them. I love this lady. (Impressive) 9/10

The new Franki Baaz album is out.  You are listening to a clip from a song off her new album; 'Let The Fine Light In'.  You can hear more right now here in the music pages or at CD Baby and Reverbnation.   Just click on the links below and be the first to hear Franki's 2nd completely self produced album.  Enjoy!!!

Let The Fine Light In by Franki Baaz,  Released Mar 1, 20114

The New Album is Out!

You are listening to "Dream Of Love" from Let The Fine Light In album.