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Franki, After dancing around the office like idiots (to your song) we have approved 'Over-Sexed Hot Mama' for distribution on iSOUND.COM. This means your song is now available on all sections of our website in addition to your artist site. Keep up the good work. Keep the great music coming.....Live Life Loud,,Max Content Manager - iSound,com, www.isound.com

Franki Baaz is a long time veteran of the L.A. music scene that has somehow managed to escape major media attention. She's released several albums, and her latest, Passion Blue, is a fine listen indeed. She sings mostly love songs of a moderate tempo in a unique and haunting voice that reminds me of a
cross between Grace Slick and Enya. Her backing band provides support that is tasteful and very tight. The album is well produced, letting her voice take center stage and soar and slide through the arrangements, and also letting the band shine in some well placed solos. It's not jazz, but it skirts the edge of jazz for some exquisite tunes. Franki Baaz can be heard on NeverEndingWonder Radio.

The first song from the Passion Blue cd and the first song from the Marriage of Sex and Love cd were played on MTV and VHI, 2006, 2011, 2013.

Franki Baaz - Passion Blue
Some singer/songwriters blaze their own trail, playing their own music, and if they get any help along the way, they aren't quick to acknowledge it. This is not the case with Franki Baaz. She recorded Passion Blue with a full team of five musicians; Mark Akita (keyboards), James Lee (acoustic and electric guitar), Michael Davila (electric bass), Karl K the Bass Player (upright bass), and Marcus Boeltz (drums). These musicians fit together well and do not overpower the album. It takes a good aptitude of producing to fit this much competing energy onto an album, but Baaz and Grayson Wray, who also provided backing vocals, did just that. This is an extremelypolite recording. The keyboards take their turn, and then give way for some guitar action. Of course the
musical style is different, but this level of courtesy is usually reserved for jazz music, although jazz features many solos, which Baaz's band does not partake in. They must be as humble as they are talented. Baaz provides her own backing vocals, which must mean she brings along another singer when she tours. She does a good job with this on "Wishful Dream." I can't imagine how this song could be done as well live unless Baaz has a twin. Perhaps the cloning in mad scientist's labs could do the trick here. "To Steal Your Will" has Akita's excellent keyboards at its finest. "Carry On" is another fine, almost ethereal, song that focuses on Baaz' signature singing talent. Admittedly, some of these songs do start to run together, though. Is it too much of a good thing? That's one way of looking at it. It would be nice to have a little bit more variety, especially considering how many instruments her band plays. It's a kink to be worked out on her next album. (Impressive Music)
Reviewer - Joel Edelman, Performermag.com

Listening to "Passion Blue" by Franki Baaz feels like realizing you want a one-night stand in a new city to turn into a long, significant relationship - something you had forgotten you were searching for. Franki's low voice will creep into your mind, keening like your conscience.
While there is nothing unusual in being backed by guitars, drums and keyboard, the rapport they have with her voice sounds almost supernatural. Their flavor reminded me of the southwestern desert at night; full of harsh truths barely hidden by the darkness. As the album plays on, the four-piece's arrangements complement the high and low emotions brought on by Franki's voice and lyrics. The listener cannot help but be carried away.
This is her fourth album. With only 10 songs, Passion Blue is a modest offering, but the selections are exactly what need to be there. And like its name implies the album is deep, wild and tinged with melancholy.
Vanessa Moore

Style: sad acoustic pop/folk.
Release year: 2002.
Formats: CD.
The music: the music of FRANKI BAAZ is very strange, it could result easy in its definition: pop,
mainly acoustic music, with a slight folk touch, but what makes it so especial and different is the character of the music; a lake of sad and beautiful music over which the moon and the plaintive and deep voice of Franki is reflected. In the back cover photo of the CD you see this five people from L.A., so serious and languid, and dressed in black, and so is the music here contained, yes, it is relaxing and pop, with occasional guitar solos of something between country and blues that make the music different, but it is so bitter..., so pale... They normally follow a very concrete sketch: acoustic calm with a subtle rhythm that is resolved with a punctual and more melodic ending, although of course this can be altered to add variety to the matter; so the fifth "Let Me" is very vivid, while the next ballad "Carry On" has a light background orchestral atmosphere and the last two numbers (which are only produced by Franki, the others by Franki and Grayson Wray), that are even darker and very different from the rest, with a repetitive tendency which make them more hard for the common pop listener; "Why" is only based in keyboards atmospheres (and Franki), "It's You & I" is still more tremendous; slow distorted guitars and a kind a funereal lament of Franki, and even a electric guitar solo (sometimes it seems doom...). There are also some other influences in the music: Franki sometimes uses a kind of Indian intonation in her singing and there are some details taken from easy listening music and maybe new age (or something like that...).

You are listening to "It Could Be Me" from the Let The Fine Light In album.

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The newest Franki Baaz album is out.  You are listening to a clip from a song off her new album; Let The Fine Light In.  You can hear more right now at CD Baby and Reverbnation.   Just click on the links below and be the first to hear Franki's 2nd completely self produced album.  Enjoy!!!




The first thing you notice about Franki Baaz is her good looks. She has a face that captures you but that´s not her only asset. Once you hear her voice you´re just freeze as the passion coming from her mouth is addictive. Musically this album rocks and I can see why Franki Baaz and her band were nominated for ´Best Alternative Rock Band´ at the ´LA Music Awards´ in 2005. This is one of those albums that you must play from start to finish just incase you miss something. Every track has the same passion as the last and you´d be very hard to pick out one that stands out from the rest. Not many people can write albums with so much passion but Franki Baaz has managed that. The production is tops for capturing everything great about this album. Even if Alternative Rock isn´t your passion you do need to give this a listen. I want to hear more! (Impressive) 9/10.....author: FFruk



 Passion Blue (Audio CD)
Franki Baaz`new album Passion Blue is a great exception in the landscape of overproduced and smoothed out pop albums. Passion Blue is food for the soul and a breathing record made alive by great musicians, rather than pro tools or logic.
Franki Baaz is at the peak of her song writing and who would be surprised by another #1 single at kaos-fm?
Definetly a must have album!
CD BABY Customer